Report on the Project 'Feel Good to Uve Together'

TPM held in Malta between the 4th and the 6th April 2017.

Day 1· Tuesday 4th April

The day kicked off at 9am and after the initial greetings, all participants went to Room 36 to start working. AII countries did a presentation of their school, and we discussed that even though our schools are all different, we have the project which unites us.

After the coffee break, the participants were taken on a school tour, where they had the chance to see the different workshops, and also to meet and talk with the students. After this, the countries started discussing what activities have been done until now in the project. A discussion arose about the format of the guide, how big should it be, how many pages or will it be just a brochure?

Evelyne mentioned that she sent a presentation of students to the other participating schools but did not receive any in return. In the presentation, each student wrote some words to present himself. Thus, what Evelyne needs from our students is that they write an introduction about half a page long and a photo, but the latter is not necessary. AII participants agreed to send the introductions after Easter by email.

Outcomes of the day:

  • Each country to get the best two logos in the mobility to Poland.
  • The logo can also be designed digitally
  • The guide will have the form of a leaflet. Each country puts its habits, and decides what to put in the leaflets. lt should have images. On the first page, there should be written the title and erasmus logo and school logo. As the countries have not started working on it, it was decided to present the guide in the October mobility which will take place in France.It was decided to write so in the Interim report.

Day 2- Wednesday 5th April

The day started with a discussion abut the activities which have to be done during the next scholastic year. AII participants agreed on the following:

  • We have to present the project again to the students and their parents. This is if there are new students in the school.
  • We agreed on the things to get for the mobility to France. These include the photos of the eco-farm, and the photos of the mobility in Poland and the guide.
  • In France, the participants will plan the final product, that is the calendar, what to write in it and what photos to use.
  • For the mobility in Slovakia, the participants have to get photos of the Workshop to reflect and debate on intolerance, photos of activities done throughout the year, all photos of mobility in poland and france and Photos of dishes.
  • Planning was also done with regards to the forthcoming mobility in Poland. Ola took the times of when the other countries are coming to Poland. She will be helping with the reservation of the hotel and will be sending a programme two/three weeks before the mobility sta rts.
  • The date for the France mobility was also set. It will be from the 16th to the 20th October, 2017. Evelyne gave information about the best way to reach Laval. She will be finding a hotel in laval for the participants.

  • The date for the mobility to Slovakia was also set. This will be from the 14th to the 18th May, 2018. A discussion ensued about the best way to reach Nove Zamky.As this mobility is a year away, more planning for it will be done in the future.

Day 3- Thursday 6th April

Today was the last day of the transnational meeting. We discussed the following:

  • The writing of the interim report. Eveyne showed us a template from Comenius project. She told us that we had to write about the activities that we have done during this past year.
  • We also have to say when things have changed from what was written in the application i.e.That the TPM was scheduled for October 2016 but this could not be done because the coordinator was sick. So, the mobility was done in April 2017.
  • Another thing to write in the Interim Report is that the guide to eating healthy will be presented in the mobility of France, rather than that of Poland.
  • Besides submitting online, two hard copies of the Interim Report must be submitted to the national agency.
  • In the Interim Report, we must not only say what was done but also if there were any changes in the pupils' attitudes and lives.
  • In the Slovakia mobility, the teachers must have a day without students to work on the final report.
  • We also discussed dissemination of the project. We mentioned informative meetings with students and parents about the project, setting up boards with photos of the project, logos, using the various forms of media, such as writing on newspapers, filming for tv stations, the school website and the official face book page of the school.
  • We also mentioned that conferences can be a useful way how to disseminate information about the project. This was done by ALP when there was organised the Erasmus Day Seminar where all staff was briefed about the Erasmus projects that the school is involved in.

The day wrapped up with the certificate giving, and the playing of the national anthems of the four countries.

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